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best leg workouts

Get Leaner Legs: 5 of the best leg workouts to help you tone up

If you’re looking at getting more defined in terms of muscle mass, you are going to read our top 5 best leg workouts:

Don’t go to the gym and assume that you will get the best results by lifting weights and taking supplements. You’re going to need to do leg workouts to get the best results that are very specific.

5 Best Leg Workouts

For instance, for those that want to get leaner legs, you’ll need to do more than just hit the treadmill and the weight bench. You’ll want to isolate this area with specific moves so that your body can deliver the right balancing act moving forward. With that in mind, consider the following crucial moves that will pay off dividends in regards to getting leaner legs.

1. The powerful lunge forward

Lunges are interesting in that many don’t realize how effective they are. They help with more than just the leg itself. They can help with balance, posture, and even core training. When done properly, you will find that your glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings all benefit as well. You’re going to want to go across the room with these, and put in serious work with them. Over time, your balance will improve, your posture will straighten, and you’ll see very defined leg muscles come through.

2. Squats with weights

Now, there is something to be said about squats with weights, but you don’t need to go for hundreds upon hundreds of pounds. Instead, you want to work on these slowly. You want to make sure that you do a lot of sets of these with and without weight across your shoulders. Squats help with building the hamstrings and glutes, and with added weight, your back muscles will also get stronger.

3. Leg raises to help dexterity

Another thing that you can do is simple, focus on rear leg raises. This is to target your leg muscles from the rear, as well as dexterity in the knee. The range of flexibility that you will get here will definitely pay off dividends over time, and can be done at a gym or at home with the help of a chair or a sofa.

4. Walking up hill (hiking too)

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to simply walk. Walking is a great way to engage cardiovascular exercise, and even see the outdoors as well. Walking uphill is not only harder to get through, but it can pay off dividends by simply putting in a little more effort. If you want to push it, go hiking and do so in nature, and for miles. You’ll find that the weight will drop off fast from your body.

5. Deadlifting for maximum glutes

If you’re going to work your glutes, don’t stray from the path of deadlifting. This can help your back, your posture, your hamstrings, and your glutes. Done right, you will be able to strengthen the necessary muscles to help you burn more fat when seeking out other cardio exercises, as well as lifting. You want to make sure that you slowly learn the movements of this, and have a spotter to ensure that you’re not doing things incorrectly.

Watch this helpful video for more tips on the best leg workouts:

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