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getting fit for 40

Getting Fit for Forty – A Woman’s Perspective

Supermodel Aspirations

“Life begins at 40”. “It’s only a number”. These are all phrases that have been constantly quoted to me as I approach my final year of being in my 30’s at rapid speed. And life is good…I have a loving family, a job I don’t mind getting out of bed for and a body, that despite gravity, childbearing and a slowing metabolism looks OK on the surface.

Until I open that glossy magazine!!! Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Elle MacPherson (the ultimate body) - you just can’t help comparing. But I’m not ready for a mid-life crisis (I am saving that for my 50’s) so although I can’t afford a personal trainer, regular bouts of Botox or my own private chef; there are some simple changes I am determined to make to my daily routine. Follow me as I try out the latest gizmos and fads in my quest to get fit for forty.​

Fitness Focussed

My body is a temple, but with my metabolism grinding to a halt and the ageing process accelerating at the speed of lightning, I was starting to realise that this temple needed some urgent attention. Sticking with a fitness routine when you have kids is almost impossible – after all you if you can’t manage a 5-minute shower in peace how on earth can you ever be expected to complete a workout?

running with forerunner 35

As a busy mom of two relatively young children, finding the time between work, kindergarten clubs and the daily grind meant that I was left with little time for me. I needed to find an activity that would fit in with my busy lifestyle, whilst getting my heart rate up and my body moving.

I am no gym bunny and the thought of donning lycra on a bike scared me senseless, but a gentle jog around the park (chaffing thighs aside) seemed manageable. After all, it’s all about taking baby steps on this journey to a fitter more fabulous me.

So now my daily routine starts with an early morning run. It fits in nicely with the family, provides me with an added dose of vitamin D and leaves me feeling invigorated for the day ahead. I am never going to be that person who enters a marathon, tries a triathlon or wades through dirt as part of a tough mudder, but I am taking my running seriously and have even invested in a high-tech fitness watch.

garmin forerunner 35

The Garmin Forerunner 35 is just like having your own personal trainer – but without the price tag!

This funky watch sets goals, monitors my heart rate, beeps at me when I have been sat about for too long and not only tells me how far and fast I have run, but maps my course so I don’t get lost. Plus - appealing to my competitive streak - the daily step, distance and calorie counters motivate me to better them each day.

I can’t rave enough about the benefits I have reaped since taking up running. Low impact aerobic exercise - no matter what age - can not only help increase bone density, lower your blood pressure and encourage good cholesterol, but leaves your heart feeling stronger and your mind feeling clearer.

Time for bed

A recent study by the National Sleep Foundation found that 45% of Americans are affected by poor quality sleep which can lead to obesity and high blood pressure, not to mention the dreaded under-eye circles. I am therefore not ashamed to say, that come 7pm you’ll find me walking like a ninja around the house, in fear of waking my two sleep thieves.

Much to my husband’s annoyance I have never struggled to drift off to the land of Nod, it’s the staying asleep that proves more of a problem. As someone who constantly craves a good 8 hours slumber, the need to achieve restorative sleep has become more and more important.

I tried all the obvious solutions such as turning off technology, avoiding caffeine, changing lightbulbs and even tried a bit of yoga, but as my Garmin Forerunner 35 concurred, my sleeping patterns remained erratic. I researched every gadget going from copper pillows to light blocking glasses but the only thing that truly worked for me was a good book and an essential oil diffuser.

These inexpensive remedies offer me a more holistic approach to a good night’s sleep, and with subtle wafts of lavender, peppermint and tea tree, I can close my eyes and imagine that I am at a luxurious spa. Waking up feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed, I am ready to face the chaos of family life again.

Looking good, feeling great

With my once glowing skin now starting to wither, I was longing for smoother, more radiant and plumped-up skin. After doing a bit of online research, I was alarmed to discover that my skin had started to age some 15 years ago…eek! But knowledge is greater than power and armed with the latest beauty tips it didn’t take long to learn that to revive (and hopefully reverse some of the ageing effect), I first needed to rehydrate my skin.

There is no shortage of beauty products currently on the market which guarantee to turn back time, firm up skin or rid you of wrinkles. Having traditionally relied on the good old soap, water and moisturize routine, I was at a loss as to which so-called miracle product I should splash my cash on. I was looking for something that would effortlessly fit into my daily beauty routine whilst providing me with noticeable results. Just like most of America, I lead a hectic life, and did not have the time or inclination to waste slathering on a collection of creams.

I finally found that timeless glow within a tub of Collagen Cream and Anti-Aging Cream. These decadent anti-aging creams have, over time, visibly restored my skin leaving it feeling soft and looking bright. So although I can’t profess to looking 10 years younger, I would like to think that I look pretty good for a more mature woman.

Mixing things up

Weight loss and fitness are meant to go arm in arm, but my weight has always needed a little helping hand. It’s not that I am particularly overweight, I just wobble where I shouldn’t and want to feel confident in what I wear.

We’ve all read about the ‘middle-age spread’ and I wanted to get rid before IT got hold! My diet, in general, is relatively healthy and I don’t smoke, drink a conservative amount (depending on the type of day I have had) and have now started running regularly. But my downfall comes in the shape of sugary cereal bars, chocolate coated cookies and other quick fix snacks which rack up the calories and raise my insulin levels through the roof.

vitamix blender review

Having traditionally opted for protein bars, probiotic shakes and weird and wonderfully flavored juices to ensure that I was eating enough fruit and vegetables, I decided to follow the hype and invest in a Vitamix blender. I literally throw everything (and anything) imaginable into the blender and it has even allowed me to enjoy vegetables such as black Kale, celery and chard. I have been known to scour the shelves of the local grocery store searching for flax and chia seeds to add to my latest soup or smoothie concoction and can honestly say it has been the best investment for my health.A different outlook

A different outlook

And so that concludes my journey so far in my pursuit to get fit for forty.What I have realised along the way is that there is no miracle potion or quick fix fitness routine, it is all just down to sweat, hard work and a healthier change of mindset.

So come on forty, show me what you’ve got cos I feel fabulous about meeting you!

About the Author Vicky Henderson

A bachelors degree in nutritional sciences and professional certifications in business development has given Vicky the ideal credentials to build an internet presence dedicated to health and lifestyle improvement. The aim of this website is to provide factual reviews and information on a range of dietary supplements, as well as providing general health/wellbeing tips.

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