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simple fat burning exercises

Fat burning exercises to help you lose weight

Millions of people today are sinking their money into gym memberships. The truth of the matter, however is simple, gyms don’t usually work. If you jump into this notion that a gym is going to ensure that you lose weight, you will end up losing money, not weight.

Exercises you can do to ensure that you’re going to burn fat faster

There are several ways that you can lose weight, and not lose your wallet, and it starts with knowing what fat burning exercises you can do to start your metabolic rate and really see results.

1. Use your knees

If you look at sports exercise, you will realize that one of the most common things that players do is high knees. They run in place a bit and then shoot their knees up towards their chest. This is called the "high knee”, and if you do this within 50 repetitions you will have a fast heart rate, and a lot of calories burned. Even when you stop, the metabolic rate you “kick” into place will keep going, helping you lose serious weight.​

2. Punching and kicking​

There’s a reason why martial artists are usually fit as fiddles. The reason why is simple, they use a great deal of repetition in learning how to punch and kick. This movement uses the whole body at once, and you could definitely have a serious work out if you go this route. Learn to kick and punch from various stances and you’ll no doubt see a huge drop in weight. Take on each one with 20 strong repetitions.​

3. Hiking and climbing

If you love the outdoors, then it’s time to go mountain climbing and hiking. These outdoor activities can help you burn fat, and create lean muscle throughout your whole body. Rock climbing specifically can help you burn serious fat. However, if you’re not an expert don’t go down this route. Instead, start small, hiking and walking in nature, then build towards something more difficult in time.

4. The art of jumping

Another great solution to consider is one that many call “bodybuilders”. This option requires you to lower yourself into a squat position then literally jump up while reaching for the sky. This may look a bit odd, but it works your whole body at once. After your initial jump, go to the ground and rest in a “push up” position, then return to your feet and do it again. Once you get the rhythm down, pull through 15 to 20 of these repetitions and you’ll have a serious fat burning workout on your hands.

5. Take supplements that help you burn fat

Alongside exercise and diet, make sure that you consider fat burning supplements. These can kick start your metabolic rate, reduce caloric intake, and help you lose weight faster. One such solution is that of PhenQ.

This fat burning option allows you to maximize your workouts while stabilizing your cravings, and curbing appetite. With this on your side, and a work ethic towards movement, you will see losses that cannot be compared by simply going to the gym, that’s guaranteed.

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