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getting fit for 40

Getting Fit for Forty – A Woman’s Perspective

Supermodel Aspirations“Life begins at 40”. “It’s only a number”. These are all phrases that have been constantly quoted to me as I approach my final year of being in my 30’s at rapid speed. And life is good…I have a loving family, a job I don’t mind getting out of bed for and a body, […]

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Our guide to the best anti aging creams

Best Anti Aging Collagen Creams

We all aspire to look younger for longer, but many of us fear going under the surgeon’s knife or are squeamish about needles. Well the good news is, that with a good anti-aging cream you don’t have too. Collagen creams can delay the signs of ageing and visibly restore your skin’s natural beauty, leaving you […]

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Banish the winter blues

8 top tips for embracing the darkest days of the year

Banish the winter bluesIt’s no wonder so many animals chose to hibernate and sleep their way through the winter months. The days are short, the skies are dark and the holiday buzz is most definitely over. The rain feels relentless and there is a Baltic chill in the air. You feel melancholy, sluggish, tired, moody […]

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